Indego Personal Features

Indego Personal offers users with spinal cord injury a new level of independence at home and in the community.



At just 26 pounds, Indego’s elegant design has no exposed cables or upper-body apparatus and does not require bulky backpack mounted components.

A Truly Personal Device

Indego Personal offers people with mobility impairments a new level of independence. Designed for personal use, Indego offers features that set it apart as a tool for personal mobility for those with spinal cord injuries. Future advancements will enable use with a wide array of partial mobility impairments, pending regulatory approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Indego

What is Indego?

Indego is a powered exoskeleton worn around the waist and legs which allows gait impaired individuals to stand and walk.

Can Indego be used by everyone?

Indego comes in interchangeable sizes and can accommodate heights ranging from 5’ 1’’ to 6’ 3’’ (155 – 191cm) and weight up to 250lbs (113kg). Currently Indego can be used with spinal cord injury levels of T3 to L5 in community or home settings in the US and is available for persons with lower extremity weakness due to paralysis or other neurological diagnoses in Europe. The Indego is not intended for sports or stair climbing.

How much does Indego cost?

Please contact us for pricing or additional details.


Is Indego available for purchase in the U.S.?

Indego has received FDA Clearance for clinical and personal use and is now available for purchase in the U.S. Contact us for further information.

Is Indego available for purchase in Europe?

Indego has received CE marking for clinical and personal use and is now available for purchase in Europe. Contact us for further information.

More Information

Can I schedule a test session?

We are happy to organize a test session for you. Please complete the contact form on the CONTACT page of this site.

How can I receive a quotation?

Please completepage of this site and you will receive a quotation shortly.

Is Indego covered by insurance companies?

Indego is not currently covered by insurance companies. For funding options, please visit

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