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Getting Paralyzed Veterans Walking Again with Indego

Under a recently revised VA policy, the Indego exoskeleton can now be issued to qualified veterans to improve mobility in their homes and communities at no cost to the veteran. Find out if you are eligible to receive Indego.

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What is Indego for Veterans?

A robotic exoskeleton device that enables disabled or paralyzed veterans to walk again.

Indego is an FDA-cleared, powered exoskeleton worn around the waist and legs that enables individuals paralyzed from spinal cord injuries to stand and walk, offering a new level of independence.

Powered exoskeletons are new and emerging technologies that require extensive clinical training and expertise according to the Department of Veterans Affairs. To ensure that Veterans with SCI meet clinical criteria to safely and effectively use powered exoskeletons, Veterans with SCI interested in being evaluated for use of the device and potential support by VA must be referred to one of the VA Spinal Cord Injuries and Disorders (SCI/D) Centers. Visit one of our clinics.

Indego can currently be used with spinal cord injury levels of T3 to L5 in community or home settings, but is not intended for sports or stair climbing. The device offers:

• Lightweight, modular design
• Slim profile compatible with most wheelchairs
• Rapid setup and breakdown for easy transportation

Am I Eligible to Receive an Indego?

Eligibility is dependent on various criteria

Eligibility is dependent on various criteria, including injury level, height, weight and range of motion. Once you qualify and prior to receiving your personal device, you will need to:

  • Attend a screening session at your local VA Spinal Cord Injury Center
  • Identify a support person to assist you while using the Indego exoskeleton
  • Attend approximately 30-40 hours of training with your support person
  • Take the Indego home and use it for 30-45 days

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Receive an Indego Exoskeleton at No Cost

Indego is available for no cost to veterans under the current VA policy

The Department of Veterans Affairs is a leader in providing a national policy for the training and procurement of exoskeleton systems for qualifying beneficiaries. Across the United States, paralyzed veterans now have access to this groundbreaking technology, which allows them to stand and walk again.

Indego Personal can be provided at no cost to the veteran under the current VA policy. Please contact us or view our interactive map for a list of Indego Certified VA Medical Centers near you.

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Changing Lives: Veteran Jim Dahlin

Listen to Jim Dahlin's story

As a Veteran with a spinal cord injury, Jim Dahlin, faced the grim possibility of never walking again. See how Parker Indego exoskeleton helped him get out of his wheelchair and walk again with just a few snaps and straps. Watch the video to hear more about why he chose Indego and what he loves most about the powered exoskeleton.

“I tried Indego when it was available, I found that I really liked it. How it’s easy to put on, it was much quieter compared to the other devices I had used, it was lighter, it seemed to offer more features. So after the trial was done I made the decision, yes this is what I want.” - Jim Dahlin

Learn More with Our Brochure

Take a look at our brochure to have the full details about the Indego Personal exoskeleton for veterans, just for you. If there are any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via our Contact Us page.

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FDA Indication For Use

The Indego® orthotically fits to the lower limbs and the trunk; the device is intended to enable individuals with spinal cord injury at levels T3 to L5 to perform ambulatory functions with supervision of a specially trained companion in accordance with the user assessment and training certification program. The device is also intended to enable individuals with spinal cord injury at levels C7 to L5 to perform ambulatory functions in rehabilitation institutions in accordance with the user assessment and training certification program. Finally, the Indego® is also intended to enable individuals with hemiplegia (with motor function of 4/5 in at least one upper extremity) due to cerebrovascular accident (CVA) to perform ambulatory functions in rehabilitation institutions in accordance with the user assessment and training certification program. The Indego is not intended for sports or stair climbing.

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